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Who we are


A web marketing agency with all the ingredients to make delicious brands

Banh Media is a minority owned digital media agency servicing small businesses and non-profits. We’re here to provide exceptional levels of service to local businesses with a focus on community building.

Meet the team

With over 30 years of combined experience in marketing and non-profit work, we're taking our love of community to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals.


Nate Nhat

Full stack .NET engineer and architect specializing in web applications.

Client Services & Operations

Thy Bui

Client services. Account management. Project Management. Operations.

Our values

For the culture.

Yes, we’re a pun for banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, but we’re so much more. We wanted something that is a representation of who we are, something we can relate to, something meaningful to us and our culture. Enter Banh Media, an homage to the food that fed us all our life, taking simple ingredients and turning it into something delicious – for us, for you, and for your customers.


Curated for you and your brand.

The banh mi, or sub-sandwich, is a primary tenant to understanding who and what we are working with and for. The banh mi is a fusion of cultures – the French and Vietnamese. There are many combinations of ingredients, it’s customizable, it’s curated to order. Taking these same principles, we want to work with you to bring together the best ingredients to make your brand exactly how you want it.


It’s all about Community.

Why did we choose such a humble icon as our “mark?” Our families are immigrants, we come from humble beginnings, and thus, something that the modest person eats or purchases, the sandwich, could not be a better representation. We’re here to help the community, pulling everyone around us up.