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Who we are


A web marketing agency with all the ingredients to make delicious brands

Banh Media is a minority owned digital media agency servicing small businesses and non-profits. We’re here to provide exceptional levels of service to local businesses with a focus on community building.

Meet the team

Introducing the dynamic team behind Banh Media! With a combined experience of over 30 years in the fields of marketing and non-profit work, we are dedicated to bringing our passion for community to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals. Our diverse skill sets and expertise allow us to craft unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let's work together to make a positive impact in our community.


Nate Nhat

Full stack .NET engineer and architect specializing in web applications.

Client Services & Operations

Thy Bui

Client services. Account management. Project Management. Operations.

Our values

For the culture.

We may be a pun on bánh mì, a Vietnamese sandwich, but our name represents much more. It embodies who we are and our cultural roots. Banh Media pays homage to the food that nourished us, taking simple ingredients and turning them into something truly delicious. From our name to our work, we strive to infuse creativity and authenticity into everything we do. Because at Banh Media, we believe that great marketing isn’t just about standing out, it’s about creating something meaningful, unforgettable, and delicious.


Curated for you and your brand.

At Banh Media, we believe that like a bánh mì, your brand should be curated to your unique taste and preferences. The bánh mì sandwich is a fusion of French and Vietnamese cultures, with endless possibilities for customization. It’s this idea of blending different elements to create something delicious and unique that inspires us in our work.

We strive to understand your brand’s essence and work closely with you to select the right ingredients that will make it stand out. Whether it’s a logo design or custom website development, we aim to create a tailored experience that’s as satisfying as a freshly made banh mi. So let’s work together to create a brand that’s curated just for you and your customers.


Our Focus is on Community.

At Banh Media, we’re all about celebrating the fusion of cultures and ingredients that make our favorite sandwich, the bánh mì, so special. But it’s not just about the food – it’s about the community it represents. As family of immigrants with humble beginnings, we know the importance of pulling together and supporting one another. That’s why we’re here to help create something truly delicious for you and your community.